Symposia will be structured in four 25 minutes presentation.

Each Symposium can be submitted by one or two moderators/presenters (only one of them can be a speaker); one of them must be a regular SINS member*.

SINS membership application 


In order to participate to SINS Events as a member, it is necessary to be up to date with association fee payment.
Decayed members cannot re-apply earlier than two years.

Members in arrears for more than five years must pay at least 3 fees to remain SINS’ members, while whom in arrears for less than five years will have to pay one fee in addition to the current year association fee.

Each moderator can submit or participate in one Symposium only.

Proposers with an accepted Symposium at last SINS National Congress (Cagliari, 2015) cannot submit Symposia proposals.

Two Symposia are reserved for proposals having every speaker or moderator younger than 40 years old at the date of Symposia proposal submission.

Proposals must contain Symposium and Contributions titles and briefly explain scientific assumptions and relevance.

A list of 5 topic-related publications must be enclosed as well.

Not more than 2 Speakers for each Symposium can be affiliated to the same Institute. Proposals must include speakers of both genders, otherwise reasons of presence of only one gender

The deadline for submission of Symposia proposals is EXPIRED. Corresponding presenters will be informed of the outcome of the review and selection process by JUNE 01, 2017.

Contribution topics list

Theme A: Development

Theme B: Neural Excitability, Synapses, and Glia: Cellular Mechanisms

Theme C: Disorders of the Nervous System

Theme D: Sensory and Motor Systems

Theme E: Integrative Systems: Neuroendocrinology, Neuroimmunology, and Homeostasis

Theme F: Cognition and Behavior

Theme G: Novel Methods and Technology Development

In order to submit your Sympsium proposal, please create a user account and submit it HERE.

When completed the portal registration process, you will be allowed to upload your proposal; entering your PERSONAL AREA using the credentials received by email you will be able to manage your uploads, register to the congress and check relevant notifications entering the EVENTS section from the menu and selecting the XVII SINS National Congress.


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